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Benefits of Professional Landscape Seeding

If you take pride in the way that your lawn looks or are working on helping it look better, then landscape seeding is something you may want to consider. Not only does this brighten the grass but it can also help make it healthier so you see stunning results when the weather is nice. Fortunately professional landscapers spend a lot of time researching this and how it works, which is why you can rely on them for advice on how it works and what the advantages are. However, if you want to learn some of the biggest benefits now, they
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How Hydro Mulching Works

Hydromulching is a one-step process where seed, fertilizer and mulch and a adhesive are combined together in water which is then sprayed onto the soil surface. This provides a wood fiber interlocking mat that retains moisture for seed germination. The mulch is dyed green with a non-toxic dye to help identify areas requiring ongoing treatment. This dye usually fades out of the fiber as growth of the seed cover crop advances. On difficult slopes, additional Binders may be used to increase the effectiveness of the application. Hydromulching is best suited to higher rainfall areas such as coastal regions. Call (951) 296-0650
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Why you should consider hydroseed

Are you looking for an affordable way to improve your yard? Then you should definitely consider hydroseeding instead of conventional sod. Hydroseed is super effective in covering a large area in a short amount of time and with very little effort. Hydroseed methods are incredibly effective at covering large areas and are guaranteed to grow and thrive. Normal sod can take forever to actually begin to grow and will sometimes just die off. Call (951) 296-0650 today for the best Hydroseeding services in Southern California!
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