Hydroseeding is a process whereby seed, water, fertilizer and a wood fiber mulch are mixed together and applied over the ground. In one application, the ground is seeded, fertilized and mulched. Because the mulch fibers can retain up to ten times their weight in water, seeds are kept moist.

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The mulch fiber helps prevent wind and water erosion, protects young seeds from the sun and helps maintain soil temperature. It forms an almost perfect environment for a maximum germination. As the plants mature, the mulch fiber will gradually decompose and add nourishment to the soil.

Preparation: Soil for lawn areas should be roto-tilled with organic amendments, such as manure or wood chips as required. The area should then be leveled and raked to the final grade. Slopes should be cleared and a soil test is recommended but not required.

Proper irrigation is essential. The irrigation system should have total coverage and should water evenly. The system should be capable of watering two to five times per day during the germination period.

Weed control is also very important. Remove the vegetation from the area. Water and fertilize the area for at least two weeks. This will germinate most weed seeds, and also give an indication of the sprinkler coverage. The fertilizer will enable dormant weed seeds to germinate for an efficient weed kill. After the weed seeds have germinated, apply a contact weed killer or remove the weeds by hand, before the weeds go to seed. For chemical weed control contact a State licensed pest control operator or your local nursery. Continue the watering process for an additional seven days to ensure that most of the weed seeds have died. If weeds still appear, repeat the process.