What’s in the mulch?

Most mulch is produced from re-cycled paper or raw wood. Paper mulch products are frequently used where lower costs are demanded. Wood mulch products are commonly used on sites where good results are expected.

Most wood mulch is produced with special machinery, resulting in a fibrous product while other mulch is made with a hammer mill process, which results in a product that lacks the erosion controlling effectiveness of “wood fiber”. This very specific wood fiber texture is particularly important in achieving an erosion resistant product.

Wood fiber mulch is usually more difficult to mix and pump than paper mulch material. It is a challenge for the producers to make an effective product that is also easy to mix and pump. Almost all mulches are dyed green for aesthetics. The color also provides a way to visually determine the thickness of the mulch application on the ground. Mulch products are usually packaged in 50 or 60 pound bags.

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